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I think no one could success in a very easy way. That’s why I could never take it for granted. I try to enjoy the moment. I try to be in the moment.

I was born in a family with basketball, both parents and brothers are pro players before. I started playing at the age 6 from Latvia to Spain and United States step by step. Along the journey, I was very lucky to have so many people’s support and help, my family, teammates, coaches, friends, fans. I am grateful to everyone who has supported me, enlightened me and taught me. That’ why I keep working and use my potential.

I grew up with basketball, which is my love and my dream. I’m just really blessed to be the position that I’m in. To be able to play basketball to do what I love to do and make money with it. It’s the real blessing from me. I appreciate it 100%. I will make more efforts for sure.

I came to New York from Spain at 19 years old, with their wishes and doubts. As time went by, I also felt more and more expectations from people. I knew a lot of things I needed to do. I knew I need to be stronger and better physically and mentally. Therefore, I worked out and gained a lot. I got stronger and spent a lot of time in weight room. And going to the season I know I want to have a killer mentality on the court.

All the things I’ve got, needing me to spend a lot of time and sweat on and off the court. Nonetheless, I try to spend as much time as I could with my family, they are the most important people in my life. They are the No.1 support for me.

I will keep fighting on court and try to be one of the best players in the league.











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