图:苹果首席执行官蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook,右)与首席设计官乔尼·艾维(Jony Ive)

6月29日消息,美国当地时间周四,苹果宣布长期担任其首席设计官的乔尼·艾维(Jony Ive)将在年底前离职,并创办自己的设计公司LoveFrom。不过,这家新公司将继续以苹果为主要客户,与苹果密切合作。


在信中,库克首先谈到晋升萨比赫·汗(Sabih Khan)为高级运营副总裁,并向首席运营官杰夫·威廉姆斯(Jeff Williams)汇报工作。库克表示:“自上世纪90年代末以来,萨比赫一直致力于每一款苹果产品的研发,始终致力于在提升产品质量、可持续性和制造责任的同时取悦客户。”


在谈到新的设计主管时,埃文斯·汉基(Evans Hankey)和艾伦·戴伊(Alan Dye)被称为“苹果设计伦理和创意文化的坚定捍卫者”。





在他所有的成就中,艾维说他帮助建立的苹果设计团队是让他感到最自豪的团队之一。他的长期合作伙伴埃文斯·汉基(Evans Hankey)和艾伦·戴伊(Alan Dye)是苹果设计伦理和创意文化的坚定捍卫者。协作和团队合作是苹果在整个公司取得成功的重要因素。

汉基和戴伊将向杰夫·威廉姆斯汇报工作。你们很多人都知道,艾维和威廉姆斯多年来一直是亲密的合作伙伴。尤其值得一提的是,威廉姆斯在开发Apple Watch方面的领导能力,使一个跨组织的团队走到了一起,其规模之大前所未有,创造了苹果有史以来最个性化的设备。这就是苹果所做的最好的事情:提升一个产品类别,超越其想象的极限,并揭示出单一设备的性能如何能够远远超过其部件的集合。我对设计团队的工作感到非常兴奋,无论是正在进行的还是即将到来的。(小小)



I’m writing to let you know about some changes to the ET involving two people who embody Apple’s values and whose work will help define Apple’s future.

I’m happy to announce that Sabih Khan has been named to the executive team as senior vice president of Operations reporting to Jeff Williams. Sabih has worked on every Apple product since the late 90s, always committed to delighting our customers while advancing quality, sustainability and responsibility in manufacturing. His team makes possible some of the most beloved — and most complex — products in the world, and Sabih leads them with heart. I am thrilled to have him overseeing our supply chain.

Today, we also mark another important evolution for our company. After nearly 30 years at Apple, Jony Ive is starting an independent design firm which will count Apple among its primary clients and will depart the company as an employee later this year. Jony’s contributions are legendary, from the central role he played in Apple’s revival beginning in the late 90s, through the iPhone and perhaps his most ambitious project, Apple Park, where he has put so much of his energy and care in the past few years. I am proud to call Jony a friend, and those who know him know his ideas and curiosities are boundless. We will all benefit — as individuals who value great design, and as a company — as he pursues his passions and continues his dedicated work with Apple.

Of all his accomplishments, Jony cites the team he helped to build as one of his proudest. His longtime collaborators, Evans Hankey and Alan Dye, are strong stewards of Apple’s design ethic and creative culture. Collaboration and teamwork are defining features of Apple’s success across the company.

Evans and Alan will report to Jeff Williams. As many of you know, Jony and Jeff have been close collaborators and partners for many years. In particular, Jeff’s leadership in developing Apple Watch brought together a cross-organizational team, unprecedented in scope, to produce Apple’s most personal device ever. This is what Apple does at its best: elevating a category beyond its imagined limits, and revealing how a single device can be so much more than the sum of its parts. I’m incredibly excited about the design team’s work, both underway and yet to come.