You should try FUMBWA! One of the most famous Congolese dishes. You may see it and other Congo food in the video.

Fumbwa grows mainly in Central Africa and is a kind of wild spinach. Its botanical name is Gnetum Aricanum. In Congo, green leafy vegetables should be boiled down with onions and tomatoes, prior to adding peanut butter and palm oil.

I could eat it every day. When I was young and my mom asked the family what we want to have for dinner, I always said fumbwa, every time.

There is a lady who can make me Congolese food in Toronto, and I heard about her from Bismack Biyombo. He is from Congo, too. He used to play here before me, and when I moved here, I signed with the Raptors, the first thing I did was to call Biz and ask the number of her.

Her restaurant is so far but, hey, when I need this food, I’m going to do whatever it takes. Professional players have to eat same thing again and again, for our diet. Sometimes it’s good to change, to go back home a little bit, mentally.


Fumbwa是一种主要生长在非洲中部的野菜,学名叫做Gnetum Aricanum。我们把它和洋葱、西红柿一起煮熟,然后加入花生酱和橄榄油拌匀。







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